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Acronis Drive Monitor reports "imminent failure"


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Seagate ST31500341AS 1.5TB

Under warranty through 9/2013

Passes all Seatools for Windows HDD tests (SMART, DST, Short generic, Long generic)

Completes SpinRite level 4 with no errors (~48 hours)




Acronis Drive Monitor (v 1.0, build 566) reports

Health = 29%

Power on = 1530 days

Reallocated Sectors (fail, raw = 35)

*note that the bad-sector count has been 35 for at least 2 years

Spin Retry (fail, raw = 1)

All other SMART parameters = pass


Is this puppy living on borrowed time? Anyone trust the "imminent drive failure" prediction? Should it be retired to the ecycle pile or is it okay to use in a duplicated data situation? IS there a better (free) tool to use for this than Acronis Drive Monitor?

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I agree with cskenney, and because of that specific model number, I'd keep a careful eye.


The 7200.11 line had some issues; the 1.5TB drives have had a particularly spotty record.  Seagate released several firmware updates to resolve drives bricking themselves; if I recall correctly, one of those firmware updates had issues of its own (which they later corrected).  Even with that, I had two of my three drives by that model number in my EX490 fail within nine months.  As they were all under warranty, I sold them to a friend at a discount and replaced them with Samsung 2TB drives, prior to Seagate's buyout of Samsung.

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