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windows 8 and whs2011 shares


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I've now installed windows 8 on 3 machines.


The first one I upgraded from windows 7 and after adding my whs 2011 credentials into the credentials manager I'm able to access the whs 2011 shares with no issues.


However the second two PC's I did a clean install of windows 8.  In both situations if I add my credentials to the credential manager they just disappear after a reboot.


Has anyone found a solution to this?



-Scott Baker

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The Credentials have to be set to Enterprise.


After I put them in a few times the credentials finally stuck - I assume I should never sign in to the whs launch pad.

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Actually your credentials disappearing has nothing to do with launchpad as you will find that they periodically disappear anyway.  I have had that issue since the beta and I "never" use launchpad.  Does not happen often but it happens.  An it is not on every machine.  Not the answer you where looking for.

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