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Ideas on Dell Zino Graphics Card options?


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Does anyone have anopinion on the graphics card option for the Zino?
Integrated ATI Radeon HD3200 Graphics
ATI Radeon HD 4330 512 MB [add $75]

I am looking for a computer to attach to my TV. Primary use is Windows Media Center for watching recorded tv and Movies (my Movies 3.0) that are stored on my Windows Home Server.
I will not be adding a tuner card

Is the ATI worth the $75 for watching HD (720, and 1080) video?

Any ideas are welcome


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Hi Jon,

IMO to future proof your system just a little, $75 is better than buying a new one in 3 years when you'd probably like to do more HD over your network. My only reluctance to spend the $75 is that if you do a little looking online, you can get a silent low profile, even better, video card for like $25 after rebate.


I just don't know if you can pop the top open on the Zino and install your own card? ::shrugs::
Does anyone know the answer to that one?

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Also, It looks like the power supply goes from 60 Watts to 75 Watts with the upgraded graphics.

65 W with UMA
75 W with MXM Graphics card

mabye more noise (and heat)

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Most video cards now require their own source of power (ie a molex off the power supply) to run. Give the low watt rating of the PSU the unit is underpowered even with the larger PSU. Classic case of engineering something so that it is just good enough....The problems happen a little later when people try to add some extra ram or plug in a few accessories into then barely good enough become 110% duty cycle which leads to overheading and failure. It is always better to have a little head room.

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Hi guys,

You can't pop the top and put a graphics card in. If you want upgraded graphics you need to order it when you buy
it. AVS forum has a really good discussion on the Zino
I am getting mine delivered tomorrow I will post a review this weekend after I test it. I saw on another post that it onlydrill do 2.1 audio that is true from the analog outtput but it will do 5.1 audio through HDMI with the integrated graphics if you upgrade to the 4330 it will do 7.1. That had been confirmed on AVS and Dells site has been updated to reflect that. If there is anything special you would like me to try with the zino let me know. I got the 3250e, 4330 video 4gb ram and blu-Ray drive for 459.00 through bing. Hope this post comes out ok I am doing it on my phone so please excuse any typos
man the print is small. Have a great weekend

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