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File Sync Recommendation: BitTorrent Sync


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I watch the Home Server Show Podcast pretty often and the guys are always talking about the million different pieces of software they use to copy files between computers, back things up, sync folders... (crashplan, skydrive, sync toy, cloudberry...) but haven't heard any chatter about this little app: http://labs.bittorrent.com/experiments/sync.html  


It's a <1mb install file, dead simple to configure, has NO storage limitations, and its FREE!  It's in beta and tough to tell where it will go, but it has given me some pretty awesome possibilities within my little storage ecosystem and has been running flawlessly.  Check the link for all the features, but this is a home storage site so I feel i should mention that you can assign a NAS as a source or destination, it runs natively on WHS v1, and has LAN syncing (confirmed by my own use, not just listing features off the website here).


I run a production company and we often hire post production facilities that are out of state to edit when we're swamped.  We've been coming home from a shoot, me and another business partner both drop the media in the shared folder on our respective machines at our respective homes, and it uses BOTH of our networks to upload to the 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. locations (just like a torrent file download utilizes many 'seeders' to get you a file faster).


This is not a cloud backup solution, but if you're in this forum I assume you can figure out how powerful this little tool can be and wanted to share the love.




(I don't work for the company or have extensive knowledge of the interworking's of the app so please don't come to me for technical support!) 

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Great tip.  I have a WHS2011 server in my office and recently purchase a 54L Microserver.  I'm using the 54L with WHS2011 and FTP configured thinking this would be a secure way to have a backup of the office data at home.  FTP works, but cumbersome.  This solution sounds perfect.  Loaded BTSync on the 54L tonight and will add to the office server tomorrow.  Hoping this will give me a "private" cloud.  

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I am aware of the program and have thought about using it as I 

am in the process or installing 2011 on my server. I had one question

and your post prompted me to find the answer.


Yes it will do LAN sync a la DropBox. The product page has more

information. A little worrisome they list is under "experiments".



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Hi awraynor- it is an experiment in the sense that it is not a fully supported application by a company with a large investment in the application's success.  They recently dropped another experimental web-based application that they were developing, proving your fear that anything can happen under this form of software development.


However, in the case of BitTorrent Sync, they are using a time-tested, open protocol and there are no dependencies outside of the application itself for it to function properly.  It can even be used without an internet connection between local devices (including those running iOS and android).


Basically what i'm saying is if it works for you now, it will work forever under the same circumstances, regardless of what happens to the development of the application itself. 


My Advice- there's no harm in trying it out and if it works, great! If not, no harm done. But if you end up implementing it in a "production environment" as I have, just be mindful that changes to your networking configuration, system , OS, software updates, etc. can have adverse effects on an application like this as opposed to something designed for the masses with more active development and centralized storage like dropbox where you'd have to perform an incredibly long combination of idiotic actions to loose your data.


good luck!



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Hi Eric,


Thanks for the recommendation and everything I have read about it is positive.

It is a major plus to have LAN sync as only Dropbox does to my knowledge.


I have just rebuilt my server and may have to soon give it a try.

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