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Brand New Samsung 840 Pro 256 Running like a dog in new NL40


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Hi Looking for advice :


New NL40 microserver with 16GB ram.

On the base build i installed ESXi on the 25oGB drive it came with - this ran well but wanted to install a SSD drive and install ESX on that and build a VM lab.

So i bought a 256 SSD 840 samsung Pro, bought a cable and have installed it using the sata port on the MB

So re-installed ESX on the SSD drive which was recognised in the bios and the install took an age - far longer than on the on the stock drive.


Whats going on here am i missing a setting - do i need to install the BIOS mod and tweak anything or should it just work much quicker.


I have nothing else to test the drive with unfortuantely, or the cable i bought which should be rated to 3GB/s



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With the stock BIOS the 4-drive cage is limited to SATA II (3 Gb/s); the onboard SATA port is limited to SATA I (1.5 Gb/s).


Yes, the mod BIOS would make it possible for the onboard SATA port to run at SATA II speed.

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