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Windows Home Server 2011 Install on HP Mediasmart 485


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Joe_Miner has a process on a machine with a video output, go to the point where the first reboot was required, swapped the drive the HP and then let it continue.

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Yeah.  I'm doing that now.  I'm copying the WHS 2011 DVD to a bootable usb and then will copy the answer file to to it also.  Then insert into the hp smartserver and click the start button.  Should boot to the USB first is my understanding.

The only change I made to the answer file was to change vailserver to server.  This was his model answer file



PasswordHint=some password hint

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It by passed the thumb drive?  YOu will need to get into the BIOS -somehow- in order to change the boot order.  On an HP, I believe F9 changes the boot order with a USB drive being the second choice.


Arrow down and hit enter.  This is all from memory.

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