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Syncberry....looks like we have a new whs2011 official backup add-in option..


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I get a File Revision error when trying to sync my WHSv1 UNC path to my DX4000.


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diehard, sorry to resurect an old thread, have you got this addin working smoothly? I am wanting to purchase it, then read about the issues you were having. Thanks

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UPDATE: Looks like I get the same File Revision error. I have seen very little development on the add-in so I would not recommend it. My error has not been fixed.


You can still try the 30 trial.

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Thank you very much. I had this gut feeling about it, will have to check back after a while.


Have you found another solution that works well for syncing?


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I currently use SyncToy, will stick with it then, it works well.


I also have an instance of OwnCloud on my webhost, it is working very well for collaboration with my customers. Just not sure I want to use if for everyday sync yet......but so far has been great.


Once I'm satisfied with it's reliability, I'll put it on my server for local syncing.

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