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Syncberry....looks like we have a new whs2011 official backup add-in option..


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Diehard never met an Add-In he didn't like!


I wonder when some of these folks will start accepting Bit Coins.

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I'm testing this addin today. Syncing from my WHSv1 shared folder to my DX4000 (Windows Storage Server 2008R2 Essentials).


I did install the 2 pre required files mention in the root post.


So far I have a issue. The sync fails when using 2 existing UNC paths ( one on each server).

If a create a new shared folder as my UNC destination, sync works.

If I use 2 local folder in the Folder Pair, it syncs.



So with the developers help, we are trying to determine where I'm having an issue.

Remember this is a version 1 product (early build). So expect some bumps.

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Path name too long? Character or characters in the path name that SyncBerry can't handle? Potentially, a file structure error on the drive?

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