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Move files from the OS Drive


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Is there an add-in that will move files from the OS drive onto the storage drives?


I had two hard drives fail recently.  Luckily, I was able to detect the failure before it was a total loss, and I gracefully removed the drives.  This put me at a space crunch and WHS V1 had to resort to putting files on the same drive as the OS.


While this isn't a major problem, I would like the drives off of that drive, just for my OCD to calm down.


I've heard of an add-in that can balance the storage across the drives, but what I'm looking for is someway of moving the files from the OS drive, not really balancing them all.


Any help would be appreciated.



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From what I remember of v1, if you have plenty of free space on other drives in the pool, WHS will move the files off the OS drive by itself.


Another option would be to move to WHS2011 where you can specify where files are stored.

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