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Just got the HTC One yesterdayand man is it awesome. Little things like stereo speakers that actually point at you, and a gorgeous screen and camera.


More to come.



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I cut the ties with all the providers and went with StraightTalk.  I decide when I get a new phone and what it will cost.

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I have had Straight Talk for years.   The service has improved alot, especially in the the last year.  There is a limited choice of phones and, depending on your location and type of phone you have, you can get a different cell network provider and variable service.   Just because a neighbor, or relative, has had great success with Straight Talk, your results may be entirely different.


My phone is a LG 511c "dumb phone" and it uses the Verizon Network on CDMA.   My wife has a "smart phone" (LG Optimus).  Hers is also CDMA but it is on the Sprint Network.  I had an LG900g that used GSM and it was using the ATT network.  This variation in network provider is very important to me because the service coverage,  signal strength, and speed varies dramatically between network providers once I am out of the core city center.


My sister in San Antonio just switched to Straight Talk and she wanted to keep the ATT network because it had the best coverage in her area.  She had to state that she lived in a different location in San Antonio so she could get a sim card for her phone that would use the ATT network instead of T-Mobile.  


The cost of Straight Talk service is excellent and I like being able to choose how much I want to pay.  I like no contracts.  Straight Talk works for me.  Anyone thinking of going to Straight Talk needs to understand the variability of the cellular provider.


Also, be aware that Straight Talk has had policy changes about the amount of data service provided and the network quality for smart phones.   My research indicates that the best service you can get from Straight Talk is 3G no matter what phone you have or what location.   In many cases, the best you will get is 2G (depending on your location and the cellular network provider you get).  Again, do your research before you decide to switch to Straight Talk.  Caveat Emptor. 

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