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New Windows 8 Machine Won't Backup - Not GPT Drive


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I didn't see a rollup. I followed a link posted in these forums to a Hotfix. As you know, hotfixes are not included in Windows Update.

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I'll stand corrected but I think if the server needs the update, so will the client via a new install of the connector software.

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I wish I could recall for sure, but I think my clients auto-notified me of a Connector update. I don't recall doing any Connector updates manually.

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After months of failures I finally took the time to figure it out. That was of course "after" doing

a win8 refresh of her notebook.  Thank goodness it went well. On two of my computers going

from Office 2013 back to Office 2010 caused problems and a refresh was necessary to set

things straight.

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Thanks Everyone for such quick responses and ideas.  I really appreciate it.


I have been suspicious of the UEFI BIOS hotfix also.  The thing is, Microsoft is pretty specific in saying the patch is only needed for UEFI BIOS machines, IF you have a drive partitioned using GPT.  All my hard drives are MBR.  That said, my BIOS are definitely UEFI.


I have pretty much ruled out my network as I reduced all to a single router without any switches, deleted all backups for all machines (and removed them from the server and then uninstalled and re-installed the connector software.  Still no luck backing up the new Windows 8 machine.


As a result, I am downloading the hotfix for UEFI now and will install to see if this helps.  I was puzzled there were three patches on Microsoft's site.  Do I need all three?


Anyway, I will let you know what I find.


FYI for those of you who asked questions about my configuration and what I've tried:

-- Yes I have run chkdsk /r so many times on both my Server and the new Windows 8 machine that I've lost count

-- My wireless backups of my Windows 8 laptop and Windows 7 netbook complete everytime without issue

-- My old wired Windows 7 desktop backed up flawlessly prior to swapping out with the new Windows 8 desktop

-- All of these backups occurred under the current network setup (the two routers).  I have not made any changes to that configuration





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