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My N40L setup, testing and development


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I'm continuing from this thread which topic does not match the thread anymore.


System setup:

HP Proliant N40L

RAM: 8GB: Kingston 2x4GB PC3 10600 Cl9 ECC 240-Pin DIMM (KVR1333D3E9S/4G)

System disk: 64 GB SSD (Samsung PM800 TH)

Data disks: 4x3TB WD Red (WDC WD30EFRX-68AX9N0)

RAID: Software RAID-5 (mdadm)

OS: Ubuntu Server 12.04.2 64-bit

Applications and services: NFS, Zoneminder w/two wireless cameras, LXC (one guest running Deluged and openvpn), NUT (UPS)

Clients: Hacked BoxeeBox, Android clients (pads and phones), iPhone, iPod, Linux- and Windows PC backup clients


Latest change: I bought and installed an UPS, since we've had about five outtages the last two years here. Very easy to install, setup and monitor!

A very competitive price and good reviews helped in making my decision.


UPS: Eaton 3S 550



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The 2720 is connected to the backplane and the original connectors were removed, right?

In my v1.0 setup I used the original connector. Everything worked out just fine (read/write speeds), but hot swap killed the raid (and a disk). It could have been a driver issue but I did not have the patience to dig any deeper into it.

The internal controller, however, handles hot swap just fine, so the four 3.5" bays are back on there.


When my 6x2.5"-box arrives, I will re-install the 2720 for the sata III speed to two or more ssd:s, to begin with. More testing will be done after that, of course  :)

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Thanks for posting the pics. Nice shots.


Just to confirm in this thread, you are running the mod BIOS, right?

It is the modified BIOS, of course. I wanted (and got!) the hot swap/esata capability.

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Added the 6x2.5" dock.

Hotswap works just fine, both when disks are connected through the RR + Icydock and through the integrated SATA + Icydock.


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Nice job. One question: how loud is that small fan on the back of the IcyDock?

Actually, you can decide for yourself :)


The fan has three settings: Hi, Lo and Off. It is adjusted with a manual switch in the back:




In the "Hi" setting, it is noticable to the point that it is distinguishable from the N40L's own two fans + four disks spinning. I would not call it loud, though.

At "Lo" it is not noticable at all.

I did not try the "Off" setting, but I would guess it is pretty silent.


I would guess that with only SSD:s, no fan is necessary.

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