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InfiniTV 4 PCI network tuner in WS2012e?


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Was curious whether anyone else has successfully installed a network tuner in their WS2012e server?


With my WS2012e machine being the utility box on my home network with plenty of horsepower (core i5-3570K, 16 GB RAM), am always looking for opportunities to leverage available CPU cycles.  On average my box sits between idle and 10% CPU utilization with the exception of server backups (~18%) and, of course, video conversions @ 100% taking advantage of Ivy Bridge.  Also, recently added the StableBit Scanner trial which seems to be an impressive app.


Since my HTPC has an SSD, 8 GB RAM, AMD A3850 APU, 2 TB HDD and an InfiniTV 4 PCI card, it spends most time in sleep mode except when recording live TV.  Otherwise my WS2012e is also already handling MKV to WTV conversions and the HTPC is playing rips across Gigabit LAN from \Recorded TV share of WS2012e.


So far, this seems to be a topic that hasn't been widely discussed.  Opinions or experiences welcome.

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