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Windows Deployment Services (WDS) on WS2012E


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Also, is it possible those files are selected because you selected either Automatic or Custom, but Custom with Bare Metal Restore?

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Images are on a separate physical drive from the OS. Nothing was set to automatically include.

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Any time you select "Bare Metal Restore", it forces you to back up any drive that has Server Role files installed to them. Including WDS.


As for the WDS not starting automatically... I don't like moving the remoteinstall folder. It's better to rebuild from scratch, IMO. I've had a couple times where I reinstalled, and the "old" folder caused the service to break. Not sure why. So "clean" is better. 


And as for backing up... it's 20GBs, tops usually. No reason not to back it up.  But mine is heavily customized (WDSLINUX rocks, BTW) so I *definitely* want mine backed up.

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Thanks Drashna. This importing of an "old" WDS folder into new OSA sounds like it could be my same issue.


Do you keep your WDS folder on your OS drive? My OS is on a 256 GB SSD currently © and I have nothing but WDS on my (G) drive.


Also, is it possible to setup a clean Remoteinstall folder but migrate/import boot and install images from an existing folder? If not, OK, but was hoping to avoid having to re-add my series of boot images if possible. Am now hooked on WDS so this is important to me.


Thanks again, am learning a lot!

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I have a 128GB SSD for the system and that's already a bit more than half full... so no, I don't have it on the OS drive.  I have a 2TB "storage" drive that I use for hyperV, WDS, and WSUS. I also have a small partition dedicated for NFS "persistence" for a couple of my Linux LiveCDs, and a "temp" partition for downloads (utorrent/sabnzbd).



If you have the 256GB SSD, then running WDS off the system drive should be fine. Even if it does warn against this (its for performance reasons, but it's a SSD... so shouldn't be an issue)


And yes/no. If you set up a new folder for WDS, you can add the images from the old folder. \RemoteInstall\Boot\x##, for the boot images (one at a time), or \RemoteInstall\Install\x## for the install images (should allow you to import all of them at the same time)

And yeah, WDS is addictive. :)

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