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Apologies if this topic has been answered previously but I cant find any information anywhere!

Q - I am building a WHS with 8 Hard Drives, do I just install WHS and let it run, or do I create a RAID5 or partitions?

I want to be able to have a series of data partitions where I can store different data such as images and video. I need the data to be fault tolerant? Is this enabled by default in WHS?

Also, does WHS act a bit like a Drobo so I can swap out and upgrade drives when there all full????

Thanks in advance!

ITMaster :)

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WHS does not use any sort of RAID. It has it's own technology in Drive Extender. When you set up WHS, it add all connected drive as part of 1 pool. You then create shares folders not partitions. You can the set permissions to these shares to each user. You can also turn on Folder Duplication on any share, this creates a copy of the share on an other physical drive that is part of the pool. The software will decide by itself which drive to choose.

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A: Just install WHS. Turn on duplication of the shares to enable protection.
Yes, you can upgrade drives. You'll just need to either add new one's, or remove an existing one ("remove" it via software from the console and then physically remove it) and then add a new one.

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As per usacomp2k3, the "remove it via software from the WHS Console" comment refers to the WHS software management of physical hard drive devices in the WHS 'pool'.
Depending on the size of the drive and how much data it contains, the act of the "remove drive from pool" command, may take some hours as the WHS system moves the data off the drive and distributes it across the remaing drives in the pool.

Note: the pre-requisite is that, there is sufficient free space in the remaining pool to accommodate this data. Once the drive has been 'removed' from the pool, you may then remove the physical device from the PC.

Also note that the moving of the data ensures consistancy of the "duplicated folder structure as well, so your data has continuing redundancy or safety against 1 single drive failure at any time.

Hope this clarifies.

There is no "parity" as WHS does not use a RAID structure, merely folder duplication but with respect to physical drive spindles. I know this works ..I just had a drive failue on the weekend. ;-( ....no data lost tho' ;-)

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