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Anyone From the NC Area Interested Riding With Me to HSS Meetup 9/21/2013?


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I have checked my work vacation calendar and very few people are taking time off on 9/20/2013. After this post, I will put in my request for time off for 9/20/2013 to go to the next HSS Meeting on 9/21/2013. I live in Charlotte NC and would like to know if anyone in the NC area is interested in going to the meetup would like a ride there? I have investigated the time to drive to Indianapolis which will be about 10 hours from Charlotte NC. 

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I wanted to put the word out in hopes to get more people from NC to come to the event. I am not worried about the drive but it would be nice to drive with someone which you can chat about tech to make the drive less boring.


I already registered and got my ticket saved. 

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I think I did it in less time than that from Spartanburg and I am over an hour south of you.

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