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Remote Access To Backed Up Files


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Hi Folks

Have the N54L up and running now with 4 x 2T drives and an OS drive (or two). Using Drivepool and Duplication.
Have run some manual backups and automated backups and things seem to be going very well.

We have three PCs at home and one of the PCs backed up is a notebook, generally this notebook sits in a docking station so when I am at home it backs up via the wired network.


Now I am working away in central Queensland, Australia and would like to access some of the files that were backed up onto the Home Server.

I have Remote Access working fine, and can access the shared folders without any problems (via IE not Firefox for some reason to be fixed later)


WHS2011 will not allow me to log in as administrator when remote ("for securty reasons") and when I click on the PC and "Restore Files or Folders for theis Computer" to access the backup files, it gives me a warning that I must be attached to the network.


Is it possible to assess the backed up files when operating remote ?

Also, is it possible to backup when remote ?



THanks in advance if anyone can help



Sydney, Australia

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Nope. Not without a VPN connection at least.  While stuff may be initiated on the dashboard, it's actually all done on the client side, so without that network connection, it can't access the backup database.

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Welcome to Queensland.

Perhaps if you saved files you need to access remotely in the user folder you could then access them.

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Thanks Drashna and Renny, I thought that might be the case.


I did read online an article that described a way to access the Home server's desktop via remote.

Not sure if this is actually possible.


Would accessing the server desktop when away help ....


I am also running the solar panel software and home security camera programs on the server so it would be nice to be able to see them when operating remotely.


Any thoughts ?



Sydney, Australia

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You should be able to use Remote Desktop Protocol to access the desktop of your WHS2011. I do it all the time. From there, I can access any of the files on the WHS2011. If I select the right RDP options on the client before connecting, I can even copy files to my client PC.

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ikon is correct. WHS is set up as a Remote Desktop Gateway (aka proxy). And you should be able to set the gateway to the URL for your server (minus the http:// and /remote parts), and connect to the server that way. Lord knows I do that all the time when I'm over at friends.

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lol. No, more like once a week. :P

I mean...  I have to take a break from all the IT masochism sometime! :P

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THanks Guys
Sorry for the delay in reply but I have been remote.

I guess when I went down the "server" path I needed some functionality that I am probably not getting and I was hoping there may be a work around.

We have several PCs at home/office of which one is my notebook that goes travelling with me when I work away. When in the office it sits in its docking station connected to the network.

All of these PCs are now setup to backup to the server and it works great. From each PC I can access the server and restore old backup files as needed.


The notebook also backs up to the server and it too can access all of the backup files if needed.


My plan was

1, When I am away I would be able to access my backup files, should I need too, also

2. It would have been great to be able to perform a backup via remote access,


Is there any way to access the backup files on the server, when operating remotly, or can this only be achieved when connected to the server network ?

Is there a way to backup to the server when operating remotely, (using the automated server backup system without manually dragging files into the shared folders) ?


Thanks again for your help.



Briabane (this week), Australia

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