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Bare Metal Backup and Recovery WHS2011 vs Scheduled Backups in the Dashboard


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Can someone explain the Bare Metal Backup and Recovery in WHS2011 and how it is different than the Scheduled Backups in the Dashboard. Currently I am backing up all 6 f my PCs at home using the dashboard scheduled backup feature. Right now, my servers are not being backed up at all.


Can someone provide me some guidance of when I would use the bare metal backup and when I should use the dashboard backup feature. Below is my home server and PC infrastructure:


4- PCs running XBMC. Streaming over network from HP N54L Home Media server

2 - PC used for home office duties

1 - HP N54L Home Media Server - Stores all my movies, tv shows, and music. Streams locally to my home theater projector

1 - HP N40L Server - Used as the backup server



Forget to include this in my post...


Please provide some links to very informative articles on bare metal backup and recovery in WHS2011.

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It's bare metal restore....not backup.  Tons of videos and blogs easily accessible by searching.


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You're making a distinction that just isn't true. The backups in the DashBoard ARE Bare Metal Restore. If you need to, you can boot any of your client PCs from the WHS2011 Client Restore Disc and restore it from the backups made using the DashBoard. They're the same thing.


What is different is the Server Backup. Backing up the server itself is separate from Client PC backups. You can't even use the same drives on the server. HDDs used for Server Backup have to be dedicated to that purpose.


There is also an issue with the 2TB limit: i.e. you cannot use a drive larger than 2TB for Server Backup. That limit led me to use Server Backup to back up just the server's system drive/partition (I have a 256GB drive dedicated to the OS). So, I can recover the server very quickly if the main HDD should fail.

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