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crashplan?..ok to use while not officially supported on whs2011?


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I've been running a whs2011 server with both Cloudberry and Crashplan installed for the last 4+ years and not had an issue with either.


Cloudberry runs and aggregates a local backup from multiple drives within a N36L enclosure for photos, videos, documents and copies them to another local hard drive in the same box.

Crashplan runs and does the same consolidation but with versioning turned on as well.


I also use Cloudberry to push a backup of my photos into Amazon S3 and they are immediately moved into Glacier storage - this gives me around 100GB of backup for around $1.20 a month.

The documents are also backed up to Amazon S3 but into their normal storage pot (but with reduced service to lower the costs slightly).


I'm looking to replace my N36L with either a Lenovo TS140 or a Gen8 at which point I'll move the N36L to my parents house and use Crashplan's 'friends PC' backup to maintain an off-site backup version for additional piece of mind.


It's all been running without a hitch for at least 4 years so you should be fine.


I do have the server configured to auto-login so it starts up iTunes for home sharing, so not sure about whether Crashplan will run without logging in.


Just realised this post is over 2 years old....



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I have used Crashplan on WS2012E for years without a problem.  They still don't officially support the application but I find it so cost effective and such an intuitive and well designed application that I initially gave it a try and haven't had any obvious problem.

Here is a link to their discussion of the apps shortcoming on WS2012E FYI:



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Wasn't quite sure where to post this... if you're using standard CP encryption, 1.) how do you update your encryption using their options (not other local container apps) and 2.) does this take effect on their servers immediately or must you reupload ALL of your data again?

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