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HP N40L RAID 1 Mirror - what happens if a drive or server fails? Can you just take disks out and place in a caddy?


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Hi All,


I'll try and explain as best I can my situation.


I have 


Windows Home server 

1 x 250GB Hard drive for OS only

2 x 1.5TB Drives for Data (photos) in RAID 1 


What I want to do

Basically I bought my HP Microserver to create a Network Drive of 1.5TB at attached to my laptop and store all my photos knowing anything I put on the 1.5TB network drive will replicate to the spare 1.5TB via Hardware RAID 1. 



After doing some reading I think that if I use the hardware RAID built into N40L then if the Microserver died/ motherboard broke, but the disks were OK I would have buy exactly the same server to be able to read the disks?


Ideally in a server failure what I want is to be able to power down the server and remove one of the 1.5TB disks, put it in a caddy and connect it via USB to another computer to extract all the data - is this possible? If not would it be possible with software RAID 1 ? if not is this possible at all?


My last thought was 1.5TB disks are hard to come by nowadays so if one broke I would likely replace it with a 2TB. What happens if a disk fails in RAID 1? will it affect the servers ability to read the remaining working disk? 

I assume it does work but can I replace it will a 2TB disk and just set 1.5TB worth of it as a RAID 1 solution? 


As you can tell I'm using the Microserver as more of a backup solution for my files. If anyone has any better ideas I would be glad to hear them  ^_^


Many thanks for reading, any help much appreciated. 







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The exact same  hardware should be able to step right in.  In the case of replacing a2TB for the 1.5, it will work but only 1.5 will be allocated to the mirror.



Now...................where's your backup of the RAID????

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Could you take the drives out of the server and put them into a drive caddy to get them to work?

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In my experience you cannot take a drive out of any RAID array and put it into a drive caddy to read it. Obviously, I haven't used every RAID chipset/add-in card out there, but I've never had one that permitted me to read a single drive in a toaster. Moving all the drives to identical/similar RAID hardware will work very often though.


Now, most of the drive pooling software like DrivePool and Drive Bender, which some people think of as 'software RAID', do allow exactly what you're looking for. They don't alter the HDDs underlying format, such as NTFS.

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Assuming WHS 2011 here? I think you are over thinking this one.


So I would make drive #1 the data drive and make drive #2 the back up drive.  Back it up every night.  No RAID and you never have to worry not being able to get your data back on either drive.

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If I hear you right Jim, you're saying to use the 250GB HDD for the OS, 1x1.5TB for data, and the other 1.5TB to back up the 1.5TB data drive?

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