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Are E2 series APU's available?


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Greetings HSS forum crew!


What I want to know is can I purchase just an E2 series APU in a box, or is it only available as part of a completed computer?  I've been looking on newegg at APU series motherboards and many list they can be used with the E2 APU, but I have not been able to find one.  What gives?


I'm looking to retire my current WHS v1.  It's currently running a Athalon XP 2700+ that is on it's last legs.  I would like something far more power efficient and I've been drooling over an E series chip as it's low power, and the CPU Mark shows it's a bit more powerful than what is in the HP Microserver.  I already have a large 4RU 12 drive server case, power supply, etc that are all newer so getting a Microserver doesn't fit the bill (for this box!).  I've seen FM boards that have enough built on SATA to handle the drive load before having to purchase a SATA card, but I'd rather not go to a A4 unless the E2 is absolutely not available.


Any assistance would be appreciated.   

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