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SSH Server?

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Hi guys. Yes i need to run SSH as Server, so other clients can access it. FileZilla, and other apps like that can only access SSH (Clients). The reason i want it, is this. Since i will be migrating my Server, i will now be using an HP N40L and it is inferior in Specs from my previous Desktop i was using. So i will be using another PC for everyday tasks and i only want to access HP just so i can do some file management. So My options are the following.


A) Create Local Shares in HP and access them from the other computer

Β) Remote Desktop




The problems in each case are these:


A) If i access a share from another computer (I will be using my netbook to do this) and i want to move a file from one location to another of a different drive* , the file is being temporarily sent back to me and then transferred to the drive of the other share of HP, so that puts a load on the NIC and takes more time as well due to slower network connection, compared to just having to deal with drive speeds if this process is done locally.


*(Share that has the file is Disk C for example and share i want to move it to is Disk D, on same computer [HP]. If i do transfers on a share and results on the same network drive, nothing changes though so it doesnt matter)


Β) I dont want to have to connect with VNC and other graphical interfaces every time i want to make a transfer, its brutal


C) I also dont want to buy additional hardware and flip switches to share monitor and Keyb/Mouse.


So it only leaves "D" as the most viable option. Where i connect with SFTP via SSH on HP from my netbook and its like i'm operating HP directly. Every command given, will be treated like it came from that Machine and not my netbook. Directory Opus which is my favorite file manager, has an SFTP feature so i can connect there, and have the directory shown to me and make transfers in a more convenient way, and not via these command like utilities and terminals that are oftenly used (PuTTy etc).


I hope i didn't bore anyone by going into this very great detail. I just wanted to present you with my situation.

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AFAIK, ssh is not included with Windows server. In the past I have added this functionality on a Windows desktop (not windows server) by installing cygwin for which ssh server is available as a package. The ssh server runs as service.

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I need something simple like some lite installation which only needs a few settings applied. Cause i'm not expert to networking. I've been trying freesshd this past week, but for some reason its not giving me access. So since whs does not have anything built-in i will have to keep looking for alternatives.

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I used http://www.bitvise.com/ssh-server-download for years without issue. It is GUI based so it is much easier to set up than the cygwin versions if you aren't familiar with Linux. It is free for home use. Let me know if you have any trouble with it.

Agreed, cygwin is not the way to go if you want simple. I remember following lengthy instructions a few years ago to set up the ssh server. Edited by revengineer
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