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link to other webserver from whs homepage (htpc tv guide)


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Hi Guys

Im trying to get a link to work on my homeserver webpage , the link points to my HTPC which is running bigscreenglobal epg on port 83

Ive currently got a link set as http://xxxx.homeserver.com:83, with a firewall rule in my router set to redirect port 83 to my htpc machine

Can anyone offer some advice as to best way of doing this?

Im attempting to have only one family portal rather than multiple external sites.

Im sure im just overlooking some router settings but if anyone has tried this before... please help

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On your webpage create a link that points to the IP address of your HTPC and the port that it is listening on. This is assuming that you are running a web server on your HTPC. If you do not have a web server running on the HTPC it think you may be out of luck. Anyone else?

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will try this evening, whats confusing me is the link ip address, is this internal or external

ie if the link has got my browser will surely look for a local IP on whatever external network im on.

so ive setup a rule which forwards this port to 192,168.0.2, in my link I have then set it to be


however this dosnt work

will report back later

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Hi Guys

not quite sure whats happening so here is a little more info.

http:..xxx.homeserver.com:83 works fine from external sites (this is setup as a firewall rule to redirect port 83 to my HTPC)

However when i click on this link from the homepage (setup using whiist) it just times out... all other links seem to be ok.

I do however have a problem in that my external dns isnt visible internally without editing the hosts file , and as im not sure if i need to specify ports in this file...

will continue messing and see what i come up with, i was hoping that the whs portal could easily become my family portal ... sure it will but need to try figure this out

thanks for the input


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