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There is a Linux section in our forums.  It may be valuable to our community if you could create a post about your experience with OpenFiler, what hardware you are running it on and how you are using it.

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I hear what you are saying, and I don't disagree.  But this was not supposed to be as difficult as it turned out to be.  And, it was a learing experiance. I now know a lot more about accounts and permissions on my data than I did before, so that makes this not a complete waste of the time that I spent on this.  As for my statement about support for WHS, I was not talking about Microsoft taking support calls and providing security updates, I was refering to the fact that there will be no new development on this product.  We will see no new features or functionality provided by them.  I also don't expect to see any new add-ins being created for this product.  And I woudl not be suprised to see development on the existing ones come to an and as well.  I saw add-in development for v1 dry up quickly when WHS2011 came out.  So rather than continue to use something that is going nowhere I decided that I would rather go to a product that has active development going on.  So far, the Openfiler part of this project has been the easy part.  It is the giving access to the workstations in a manner simple for my wife that has been hard.


Thanks for your comments.  I appreciate your thoughs and ideas.


I agree with you completely. I wouldn't touch WHS2011 unless you know without a doubt you are happy with it as is and don't need any add-ins.

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