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RoboCopy Backup Scripts

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Sounds like a good idea.   When I ordered my first EX-503, I wanted to get 2 of them, but their site only showed 1 available, so I ordered it and figured I'd get another when they had them in stock

Like I said, interesting. But hey, it works; that's the important thing. Sounds like you're pretty much done.


BTW. when reviewing the logs, I use Notepad. After I open a log file, I first search for "retry". Ideally, it's not found at all. Then, I search for "ended :". This takes me to the summary section for each backup command, so I can easily see if any file copies failed.

Thanks again. Now that I've stepped thru the scripts and confirmed they work, I'm going to step back and review after my 3:00 AM task completes. It should update files on 2 external HDDs (4 TB each). 1-Nearline and 2-Offsite.


If all goes well, I'm considering picking up 2 of those Thermaltake enclosures and repurposing these HGST 4 TB HDDs!

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Should'a jumped when they had 'em. Not to worry, they seem to get them in regularly. Did you telephone them? I did that once and they had one on the shelf that wasn't registered on the website, so I got it. :)

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Great tip. This actually helped me identify that my Offsite backup drive is failing. Started consistently reporting retry limit errors in the logfile. Decision made - once EX-503 enclosures back in stock, getting at least 1...

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Believe it or not, I was just reading that. Do you run yours in RAID5 mode or JBOD? Just curious.

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Actually, neither. I'm running mine in the 'Clear RAID & Port Multiplier' mode. It's what I call true JBOD, meaning that the drives are presented to the system as individuals, not as a single volume. The drives are then pooled together using DrivePool.


The idea is that, by using DrivePool, I will be able to read each individual drive in the case of catastrophic failure (fire or whatever) by retrieving my OffSite units. Recently, Stablebit added the ability to Eject USB drive pools, so I can be reasonably confident that I won't get data corruption by yanking a drive too early (as I might with eSATA).

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ikon, start of my offsite .cmd looks like this:


@echo on

set tyme1=%time:~0,2%-%time:~3,2%-%time:~6,2%

If exist T:\NUL.EXT (
    set drive$=T
    goto Offsite-A

Echo Could not find drive T for offsite backup > "F:\ServerFolders\Backup\logs\Offsite\BackupToOffsite_RoboCopy.log"


If it does not find drive-T (my offsite backup HDD drive letter), why is it not creating/writing an offsite .log file?

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