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N54L N40L updated NIC Drivers to support VMQ (Broadcom) 6-13-2015!!!


NEW BIOS 2013.10.01 (A) (15 NOV 2013) System ROMPaq Firmware Upgrade for HP ProLiant MicroServer SP64420HardWareHarry Review #425Cosote finds BIOS-MOD Version #426 & #427SP64420 Works with S2012R2 => see S2012R2 starting at #143!   DropBox Link O41100113!!!  Tobi Mod of New BIOS!!!       2 Original Versions of BIOS!!!  


Drivers & Firmware for MicroServer S2012R2E!


A First Time Build with WHS-2011 & HP MicroServer – Part 1!    A First Time Build with WHS-2011 & HP MicroServer – Part 2!


HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 Links!    HP Announces New Servers Including the NEW Gen8 MicroServer!   Gen8 MicroServers on HSS 227 (with LOTS of Links)!


(Useful Links & Reference) HARDWARE Links (ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 Links) (MicroServer Blog Postings) (N54L Blog Postings(NAS Blog Postings)


Power Supply Replacement - N40L & N54L

N40L PSU Failure!!


Rear FAN

N54L MicroServer – Rear Fan Replacement Guide !!


RAM  Wikia!!

Discussions RAM for MicroServer,!  Anyone using 2x8 kits,!  N40L RAM Compatibility,! SBS Diva using 16GB,! 16GB RAM Ideas for MicroServer,!


ODD Mods & Other MODs

Wikia!!   Discussions:  Installing 3.5” Drive in ODD,! 3.5” Drv Bracket for ODD,! SSD & Icy Dock & Misc,! Installing ODD & SSD,! 2.5” SSD in N40L,! Q about BIOS-MOD RAM ODD etc,! Storage Options,! Mounting a SSD with Duct Tape !  Theoretical Question on IcyDock Mod!

IcyDock Icy Tip -- Icy Dock Suggestions on upgrades for the 1x5.25" Bay in the HP ProLiant MicroServer !   Modifications for a 15 DRIVE N40L!! 


Remote Access Cards
HP 615095-B21 MicroServer Remote Access Card Kit ! Product Page Manual !   Discussions: Best remote access card,! Remote Access Card Firmware Update,! Just Ordered the N40L - Now What??

NIC Cards

Wikia!! Intel PCIe 1xRJ45 EXPI9301CTBLK 10/100/1000Mbps!   Discussion Icy Dock DuoSwap!, Intel NIC in Deals!

Intel PCIe 2xRJ45 EXPI9402PTBLK Two Gigabit Copper Server Connections 10/100/1000Mbps!   Discussion Strange Problem with NC360T!   Just Ordered the N40L Now What??   More Interesting MicroServer Links!


USB 3.0 eSATA & SATA Cards

Discussions USB 3.0 card for N54L!  HighPoint Rocket 640L!   Discussions BEST USB 3.0 Card Out NOW for the G7??


Drive Extender Replacements
Drive Extender Replacement Discussion on HSS 216!  Discussions: StableBit Talk on HSS219!   Move from N40L WHS2011 to N54L S2012E Keep DrivePool Intact!    StableBit DrivePool or DriveBender with WHS2011 what are they and how used!   What Direction Should I take with N40L??   How to Migrate from WHS-V1’s Drive Extender to StableBit DrivePool!   N54L OS Decision!   Migrating from Mirrored Drives to DrivePool!   Upgrading Disks in an AMD MoBo RAID Mirror to StableBit DrivePool!



HP P410/256 Smart Array Controller! HP Smart Array P410 Controller! HP Support HP Guides! HP Smart Array Controllers for HP ProLiant Servers User Guide!   How to enable HP B120i Controller in Gen8 Server!     Discussions Odd Disk Layout after first-time WS2012E install..any advice?!    P410 for a MicroServer!, RAID Controller for new Owner!    My N40L Server!   RAID0 OS Drive & RAID5 Data Drive (Theoretical question on Microserver IcyDock Mod)!   N40L with P410 BBWC Problems!   P410 & 3+TB Drvs!   P410 & firmware update Disabling SATA/IDE Port Combining withBIOS-MOD Disables MicroServer Seeing P410!   Running OS From P410 RAID Array?   HighPoint RocketRAID 2720 SGL Controller!!   N54L First Look!   RR2720 BIOS Setting Utility V1.5 Issues!   RR2720 Drive Performance!! Performance Tests Using a Rocket RAID 2720 in a HP ProLiant N40L MicroServer!!   P410 w/VR RAID0 OS RAID5 Data!   P410 256MB BBWC problems!!  OS shows RAID is Full when Not!!     New N54L & 2720 RAID Card Question!!    Discussions: Adding a RAID Cntlr to a MicroServer!! Let the MODs Begin!   RAID BlogPosts!!  SATA III Speed with N40L & RocketRAID 2720SGL Possible? Using Ubuntu!!   Question about Rocketraid installation in HP N40L!!   Mirror Drives Most Reliable!!  $25 RAID Card!! 

HP Smart Array With HP Events Notification Service and PRTG Network Monitor!!    LSI 9260-8i in N54L !!

RAID References/Education: Discussion of RAID, HDD, SSDs and Storage Configuration!!   Assessing the Reliability of RAID Systems!!   Modeling the Reliability of RAID Sets!!   RAID Reliability Primer!!   RAID Reliability Calculator!!   HP: Help Me Choose RAID!! 

Drives & Drive Performance 

Wikia!!    Discussions: Drv Perf on N40L!, 3TB Drv on N40L!! N40L and 3TB Disks?!!   3TB Drv Perf on Hyper-V Pass Thru!!  How Many HDDs are Possible!! 3TB Drives!!   Performance of N40L's N54L's and other NAS devices!!   WS2012E on N40L and SSD?!!  Testing & Dev!! Performance Measurement of the HP ProLiant N40L & N54L!!   Drive Reliability & Fail Rates!!   WD Red Performance!!   Seagate ST3000DM001 Performance!!   First Timer MicroServer with WHS Build!!   3-2-1 Backup Strategy!!   What Type of Drive Ships With the N54L??  Performance Improvement on ODD SATA Port Contributed by BIOS-MOD!!  Performance Tests: WD1500HLHX!!  Performance Tests WD1000DHTZ VelociRaptor!!  Performance Tests SK HYnix HF256G32MNM SSD!!  Performance Test: Create and Measure Performance of Storage Spaces Pool 3 Virtual HDDs in WSE2012R2P!!  NAS HDD showdown between the WD Red vs the Seagate NAS!!   What Hard Drive Should I Buy? Back Blaze Analysis!!


Drive Setup for Hyper-V Host
Discussions Drive Setup for Hyper-V Hosts!!   Hyper-V Server 2012 with WHS2011!!  

Network Speeds

Discussions: Slow Network Speeds w/MicroServer!! Network Performance!! 

Sound Cards 


Video Cards 

WikiaDiscussions Anyone Tried their Microserver as a HTPC?!!   Video & Sound Card(s) for N40L/N54L MicroServer!!    Adding a PCIe Graphics Card to an N40L!!  Adding a Radeon HD5450!!  ATI FirePro V3900 !!


VMware Compatibility Guide!!
HP Custom Image for ESXi 5.1.0!!

ESXi on HP ProLiant MicroServer N54L with No Extra PCIe Cards!!


Comparison of N54L vs Off-The-Shelf vs Custom Build

Discussions N54L vs Off-The-Shelf vs Custom Build!!  Fix or Build!!


Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 build on MicroServer Guide!!

Discussion My N40L setup, testing and development using Ubuntu!! 

How to Install KVM and Create Virtual Machines on Ubuntu!!    New To Ubuntu Home Server!!     Linux/Ubuntu Guides & References!!

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