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USB Restore Key Can't Find WHS 2011


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I will like to thank every one who replied and offered suggestions. Unfortunately everything that I tried ended up in failure. I am unable to use the backup feature in whs 2011. So I will use what I have been using and that is Acronis backup to a portable usb hard drive. This is not very convenient but at least it  provides me with a backup solution.

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Nope, it starts a restore process and you can designate a target location for the restore.


The folder path is:


C:\Program Files\Windows Server\Bin\Client Restore\1FAE........\x64 or x86 depending on the client.


Copy that folder over to any client and you can restore and client to any target.  I restored my Laptop as it was and then from a secondary client, restored the same image to another 2.5" in a docking station for the same laptop.

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