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Options for a Windows 8 Tablet


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I will be in the maket to replace my iPad2 and I am currently giving some serious consideration to get a Windows 8 tablet.


I have been listening to the podcasts and visiting my local Windows Popup store to take a test drive of the Windows Surface Pro. I am intruged with the hardware and the options that it offers. But the steep price ($899 and $999) has me looking for other lower price alternatives. I have looked at some of the Windows 8 tablets at my local BestBuy store which had me thinking what other Windows 8 tablets are on the market. So far, I have found the below tablets running Windws 8 and a Atom processor. Yes they are not as fast and the Surface Pro but do you really need all that power to run some applications? What you lose in processing power you will gain in longer battery life.


What do you all think?

Using a Atom Processor


HP ElitePad 900 10.1" 64GB Win 8 Pro WiFi Tablet


ASUS VivoTab Smart ME400C-C1-BK 10.1-Inch 64GB Tablet (Black)


Samsung ATIV Smart PC 500T (Tablet Only)


Acer W510-1666 Tablet Intel Atom Z2760 Samsung ATIV Smart PC XE500T1C-A04US


Using a i3 Processor


Acer Iconia W700-6607




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I am new to the tablet world and went with the Samsung Galaxy Note.  It does everything I want it to do and then some.  Like you, there is no way on this earth I am going to drop $800 on a tablet.  Just ain't happening.

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Why do you want to move off the iPad? What do you like or dislike about it? What are your favorite apps and are the available in Windows 8?

I am a big fan of Windows 8. I own a Surface RT and will be getting a Surface Pro at work. The Windows tablets are more hybrid than traditional tablets.

I think of them as being somewhere between a tablet and a ultra book. I love my Surface RT, but I still have a 8" Android tablet that is my main reader.

My recommendations around Windows 8 tablets; 

If you want tablet like features and long battery life, the RT products are a good fit.

If battery life is important and you need x86 compatibility, but your workload is light, Atom based products should be a good fit.

If you are looking to replace a laptop, the i3-i5 products are the way to go.

If you can share more about what you are looking for I think you will get more guidance.

The tablets listed above all have pluses and minuses.

Two people I know could not decide on a Windows 8 tablet. In the end they both bought the Acer W510, thinking that they would try it out and get something else later. Both still have the W510 and really like them. 

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I did put down the big bucks to get a Surface Pro. I'm getting another one for my wife, once they're back in stock that is.


I like the look, the feel, the responsiveness, the portability, most everything about it. There are 2 things I would like to see improved in future versions:

  1. the speakers: there just isn't enough volume. I'm going to have to resort to an external speaker for the times when I really need louder sound.
  2. in some applications launched from the Desktop, I've found I can't get the onscreen keyboard to come up so, if I didn't have my Type Cover I'd have been SOL.

Are they costly? Yes, but I'm enjoying mine so far. Life is short......

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Guest no-control

Lenovo is killing it right now, nothing comes close and I've reviewed/used every Tablet, Slate, and ultra portable with a touch screen.


For an ARM tablet the SurfaceRT is pretty tough to beat


For an x86 tablet the Lenovo Lynx is a great lightweight performer, but the ThinkPad Tablet 2 is the best Atom based device on the market.


For an Ultraportable/Slate The SurfacePro works well, but has its issues. The W700....well it works I guess. I like the screen size more than the SurfacePro, but that's about it. IMO no one should be considering a Slate until models equipped with mobile versions of Haswell CPUs are released. That being said I think Lenovo's Helix is the one to beat once it's released.


Ultrabook Yoga13 hands down still the best bang for the buck.

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I'm writing this on a i3 W700. I like it and I'm getting 7 hours on the battery. I haven't played with many of the other tablets, only the Surfaces and a couple of Lenovos at stores.


The problem with some Lenovos is the way the drives are partitioned, making much of the drive space unusable. I would love to like the Lenovo tablets since they have a good repetition of durability and my cousin works for them. But I couldn't get passed the drive stuff. 


I would also consider the Samsung atom tablet, it has availability to use a S-Pen to tap on small things on the desktop and there is the connectable keyboard.

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I would rather have an arm based tablet than an atom. I am surprised to see so many atom tablets.

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