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USB 3.0 Card for N54L

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I just installed this USB 3 card in my N54L


ORICO PFU3-2P Lightning 2 - Port MAC PCI - Express to USB3.0 Controller Adapter Card for MAC & Windows Mini PCI - E USB3.0 Host Card



It was just $11 with the instant rebate. I freaked out once when it arrived as it uses a Fresco chipset (forgot to check that, it's written on the box and in the specs [Gen2 FrescoLogic FL1009 USB3.0 Host Controller]). Then I freaked out when FreeNAS didn't see it at all.


Had to enable USB 3 support in FreeNAS  (http://doc.freenas.org/index.php/Hardware_Recommendations) by tuning the xhci_load parameter. Pain in the neck.


But I'm happy to say that it is all working -- and FreeNAS can can see my thumb drives without having supplemental power through the Molex/IDE connector.


Happy camper, finally!



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Time for some benchmark testing. :)

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Grab a NEC uPD720202


It is not important if it needs an extra power, you can take it easily with an adapter.


Be aware you need to load the latest firmware and driver here: http://samforum.org/blog.php?bt=6363 (bottom part, it is russian, but it is easy to understand where to click).

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2 Port Low Profile USB 3.0 USB3.0 PCI-E x1 Card Hub

from ebay

£6.75 (I paid £10.75 3 months ago)




Chipset : etrontech ej168a
Low Profile Plate to fit small computer case
Interface: 2 USB 3.0 ports (2 external)





One drive installed






Test on same drive but 2nd. drive was transferring video files at the same time






Icybox IB-2226StS 2x 2.5-inch SATA Mobile Rack
mouned in a 3.5" external usb case (usb connector removed)
2 external USB3 cases had the connectors removed and mounted on back
of the Icybox rack

test drives 2 x Toshiba 2.5 320GB 7200 rpm sata III



have pics but don't know how to upload them

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I'm finding it hard to identify a card on Amazon UK / eBay UK that not imported from HK or USA.


Any links to a current card on sale in the UK that offers USB3 that's been tested to work?


Ideally without the need for additional cables for extra power (but if that's needed it's ok).



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