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Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System $104.99


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I bought mine from woot and have been happy with it.  It has goofed up a few phone calls where the other party couldn't hear me but for the most part it has been spot on.  I don't use all the bells and whistles it comes with but I only pay about $4 a month too!


www.woot.com  in the Tech Woot section.


There is also a Core i3 laptop for $399.

HP Desktops

AOC 23" monitor for $99

and a

Samsun Blu Ray player for $50

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I'm actually partial to MagicJack. I have two of them, and it's been so reliable we ditched our "landline." We haven't had a true landline in years, but rather it was converted to Vonage and later to AT&T U-verse. Sadly, we gave up that phone number because it was telemarketer central. We received at a minimum 12 calls per day from Unknown, 800 Service, Toll Free Call, none of which ever left messages. Why were we paying $25/month to be annoyed constantly?


Our first MJ I got in 2010, and that number was given out to only a select group of individuals, mainly close family. A couple months ago I bought another one so I could have a dedicated fax line. It's worked flawlessly. The device was $75, which includes the first year of service. It has the added bonus of being the MJ Plus device, so you don't need to keep it plugged into a computer all the time.


Phone service is about $25/year...next time I come up for renewal I'll probably do the 5-year renewal for $70.

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