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Can I use a 4TB USB drive for backups?

Grant B

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Nothing wrong with long explanations. Better to be thorough and have someone understand you then a quick answer that they don't :)


Cool then, I will remember not to format the drive when I add it as a backup drive.


All in all - good news.


Thanks again.

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diehard (and others)


Thank you for the very clear advice! 


Unfortunately, I've hit a problem. I've bought a 4TB drive and a USB2.0 / eSATA enclosure. However, while my ex490 sees (and uses) the drive no problem via USB, when I use eSATA nothing happens!


Having read around on various sites, I tried changing the driver for the eSATA card, tested all the components on other machines, etc - but have had no results. Do you have any advice on getting the eSATA port to see the drive?


Many thanks

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My SansDigital 4 bay esata enclosure requires that I have all 4 drive bays filled with drives before I can see any drive including the 3TB drive. So try loading up the empty slots.


If that doesn't work then download the DrivePack solution version 11 or 13 full DVD download image (2.something gig, it's big) and run the disk in expert mode so it doesn't install the crapware. To scan for missing and updated drivers.


http://download.drp.su/DRPSu13-Full.torrent that's if you don't mind torrents.

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