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Road map help on N54, new install of 2011


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Remote access to a web site for one.  Bare metal restores of clients.  All of that for $50.  Such a bargain.

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IMHO, the single biggest advantage of WHS, v1 or 2011, is Client Computer Backup, particularly Bare Metal Restore. I believe that's the biggest reason MS made it in the first place; to protect your data.

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Agreed, there are several MS products as well as others to provide data storage but to do that along with seamless restores in one product...priceless.  Remote access also ranks up there very high in my book.

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I'm a noobie on this so I ask dumb questions.  


1. Windows 7 allows me to back up HDD's and create complete images of the OS drive.  Mine is configured to back-up all files & folders on the data drives. It does this automatically on a schedule that I choose.   How is this different than a "Bare Metal" backup?


2. Other people on this forum have stated that WHS 2011 cannot be a domain server.  Still others have stated that WHS 2011 doesn't support VPN and they use SkyDrive and drive pool to get remote access with WHS 2011.  I can access and use SkyDrive with Windows 7 Pro.   Where is the difference between the two?   I am ignorant about this so I need education. 


3. WHS 2011 only supports 8GB RAM.  Windows 7 Pro supports 16GB in my N54L.   Other people on this forum have stated this makes a difference if you wish to create more VM's.  Again, I am ignorant on this and need clarification.  I know that the extra memory does improve the performance running applications I have on my server.   Things I have read here in this forum indicate that applications which will run on Windows 7 Pro will not run on WHS 2011 because the developers did not want large businesses to use inexpensive or free software to accomplish their mission.  What software will WHS run that Windows 7 Pro 64 bit will not?  A seperate question but still valid.


4. Because I put all my workstations and the server in a workgroup, and I set the access up to allow the workstations to access common drives on the server, I can stream media over my wireless network quite effectively.   I have had 3 movies streaming to seperate workstations while having Youtube videos streaming to a couple smartphones while transferring files between a couple HDD's of the workstation.   All the streaming was glitch and hangup free.  The file transfer was slow (500 - 700KB/sec) but it was nothing that I could attribute to OS on the server.   What type of media streaming do people do different than this?   


5.  I have a small business for which I want to use the server to host the website.  I am concerned that my configuration of workstations in workgroup is "too open" to allow this.   This may be my ignorance speaking but, I thought that having a domain server would allow me to essentially seperate the "public access" web site from the "private" workgroup and provide more security.   From what I have read here, WHS 2011 cannot be a domain server and does not allow the creation of domains.   From what I read in the Windows Seven forum, Windows 7 Pro can be used with a SAMBA domain controller to create domains.   I have not heard that SAMBA could be used with WHS 2011 to create domains.   Most everyone here has more experience than I when it comes to servers.   I would appreciate feedback on this.


6. I have already purchased a WHS 2011 disk and license.   I have Windows 7 Pro already installed on my N54L and it is up and setup with my workgroup.   I am hoping that this forum can give me sufficient reason to switch.  Maybe I ignorant of the true situation.  I am hoping that people here can educate me to better understand. 

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  1. A bare metal restore is just that.  You can restore to a new drive from the client backups on the server.  Windows 7 cannot do that.

WHS 2011 is not designed to be a DC but does support VPN as does any Windows client.  SkyDrive is not controlled by you whereas the Remote Access component in WHS is controlled by you

You need more than 8 GB of RAM to support a file server?  Not hardly.

About the same...I stream .avi files and .mp3 files at will

You will NOT be able to host a public and private facing website without great difficulty, but, what do you really need for p[eople to get at?  Based on permissions levels, certain people will see certain folders with either Red or Read/Write privileges

Your Win7 install cannot support the Remote Access and Media Streaming features

Biggest drawback...your setup will be limited to 10 clients whereas WHS will support up to 25.

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I really hope you don't feel we think your questions are dumb; long, yes, but not dumb :D


Regarding VMs; I don't consider Win7 to be a good VM platform; fine for testing, but not production. On the other hand, WHS2011 doesn't support HyperV either.

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