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Road map help on N54, new install of 2011


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I've been asked to set up a new N54L server with 2011. I'm a v1 guy, so this is going to be new for me.

Hardware so far will be N54L W/ 2g RAM.

1 500g hD (OS Drive)

2  2T Red Drives.


This will be in a work enviorment. They have PC's and Mac's. A WHS was an inexpensive solution for daily backups as well as a place to put their job related backups.


I've never installed 2011, but have done several V1.

Of course as a fall back, I could just put v1 on it and walk away, but I figured that 2011 was a better idea.


Do I need a seperate Raid solution or does the N54 have what I need. Then what are my options for Raid.

Are there any hardware installation tips? Any additional Software that I should get?

Configuration tips-Please.


Sorry for the tall order above, but I know that I came to the right place.

Thanks in advance.



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I think WHS2011 is a good choice, mainly because it's possible to back up & restore the OS partition. It's the 1 major thing 2011 can do better v1. I would definitely look into it. I recently set up an N40L for a relative's work and set up OS backup. I also tested and proved that it recovers properly.


If you stick with the stock BIOS, you could use the onboard RAID. However, for a more 'business like' approach you might want to look at a RAID card.


You should also look into offsite backup. This is important even for home users, but critical for business use. For the setup I recently completed I included an HDD 'toaster' and 2 sets of drives to cycle through it. Every night the system auto backs up the data to the drive in the toaster and the next day the drive is taken offsite. The drive that was offsite is inserted into the toaster for the next nightly backup.

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How much data do they have including backups?  Do you really need RAID?  This is my config


WHS2011 runs on the 500GB spinner.  Bit of an over kill and lots of empty space, but it works

All my data is on one of the 2TB drive (E:)

All the backups run to the other 2TB drive (F:)

CrashPlan backs up the E: Drive every night.


This would work if their data need is smaller than 2TB.  I also have not used the BIOS Mod and my set up works great.  


Simple and easy with very little complexity.  This works for me.  Keep it simple.

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Does anyone know if I need to update the BIOS firmware on the N54L?


Thanks for the links above. I'm working through them and learning lots.

I don't know their data requirements as of yet, but I will be examining them shortly.

They also got Free a HighPoint Doc.  ? What do I do with this?

Will 2011 back up MAC's?

Thanks for you help guys.

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Does anyone know if I need to update the BIOS firmware on the N54L?

No, you do not “need” to apply the BIOS-MOD.  In fact, For a business environment I’d be reluctant to apply the BIOS-MOD – the more “stock” setup the better in that situation and as Jcollison noted in his configuration his data fits onto a 2TB drive and he saw no need to do the BIOS-MOD.  Having said that the BIOS-MOD is still worth "knowing" about.

Thanks for the links above. I'm working through them and learning lots.

If the business data needs fit well within 2TB then a possible configuration would be:


  • OS: WHS-2011
  • N54L
  • 8GB ECC RAM (you should have at least 4GB IMHO for WHS-2011 but why not go 8 while you have the case open)
  • OS Drive: 500GB HDD will work (Must be bigger than 160GB)
  • Data Drive: 2*2TB Red’s mirrored (do this in Disk Manager)
  • Backup Drives: 2 or more (3 is better) 2TB external USB drives – set server backup to backup to the external drives twice daily with one external USB drive always connected and the other external USB drives rotated off site on a regular schedule.


  • Consider backing up business critical data to CrashPlan-Business


Of course you can add lots more complications with RAID, DE replacements, BIOS-MOD, etc.


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Depending on what kind of business this is, be careful of what you are backing up off site.  For example, there are certain regulations for medical records and exposing that data to risk.  Do your homework.


Get the customer involved.

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So the Hardware arrived today :rolleyes:

Looks like I told my client to order a HD that was not needed. The Newegg ad did not say anything about a 250G HD that came with it, and I told them to order a 500G for the OS. Guess I will tell them to return it (Unopened). Unless someone feels I should use it. If so, what drive sequence order? (I have 2T, 2T, 500G, 250G)

I found out that their backup requirements are very small, (2-3 pc's) but storage may be large over time.

Currently the plan is 1 drive for back ups and 1 drive for storage. Than as the Storage drive becomes filled, maybe add an additional drive to it.  Can I create a Mirror Raid after data has been written to the primary drive? I'm new to RAID's.


1st, do I remove the Storage drives and load the OS by itself, then shut down, and insert the other drives to configure them or do I do it all at the same time during installation?

2nd, there is a "Important Bios" upgrade SOP paper that came with it. Do I need to install this new BIOS update prior to anything? JCallison say's don't do it.

The link to the Bios update is "http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/Document.jsp?objectID=c02903601"


This unit will not be Mission critical, more of a B/u solution and a place to put jobs for Archival.

No Media files will be on this unit.

I will suggest Crashplan for offsite b/u.


So now I'm ready to load in 2011. I'm hoping to do this at home and then move everything to their location upon completion. Will ip addresses change upon relocation?

Is loading 2011 just like loading V1? with just a few changes?




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  1. Install the OS with only the system drive installed.


  2. Did Jim Collison say to not install an HP BIOS update or the mod-BIOS? I suspect he was talking about the mod-BIOS. Normally I would recommend installing any HP BIOS updates if you're running the stock BIOS (unless someone has discovered a specific problem with a BIOS update).


  3. I would use the 500GB drive for OS backup, so you can recover the system drive quickly if required. I do this on the N40L I set up. The system has a USB external drive that is used to back up only the boot drive.


  4. Crashplan could be an issue if you want to back up the client backups. The problem I've run into is that the system thinks the files have changed almost every day. Since they're mostly 4GB files, it can take a long time to back up. I'm not sure how Crashplan handles this. If it's smart enough to evaluate each file, and only copy the bits that have actually changed, it may not be a problem. The other option is to not back up the client computer backups.


  5. The IP address will almost certainly change when you move the computer from your home LAN to the destination LAN. However, once you move it to its final place, I highly recommend giving it a static IP or at least a Reserved IP in the local DHCP server on the destination LAN. I don't recommend dynamic IPs for fixed devices like servers, printers, routers, etc.


  6. Watch out for the Workgroup name. With WHS2011, there is a place during the setup where you can press a Function key combo and bring up a windows where you can set the Workgroup name. If you don't do it there, then it's more complicated to do it (you have to disable the security certificate services, change the Workgroup, then re-enable the services. I don't find it difficult at all, but others feel it's onerous).


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