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Microserver remote access card


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Right then, have picked up installed and configured a Remote Access card.


All looks good until I noticed that there is no remote access feature on the menu.


Therefore, as I see it, I cannot use this card for remote control type functions.


Specifically, I am crashing and burning as I run through multiple options\ installs and configs, and as I want this server stashed away on a shelf then I was expecting the RAC to allow me to do this without the need for monitors, keyboard and mouse etc. Ideally, I hook up to the RAC remotely and run through the install from the comfort of my desktop.


Anyone know of an RAC\ ILO card for this server which gives me the remote access I need? 


Or .... have I missed something?







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Why not Microsoft Remote Desktop or LogMeIn?  But to get to your other point, have you tried the app in a differnet browser?

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The problem I have, is that I am a muppett !


Found the function I need, it was on a menu item I didn't fully appreciate.


For the record, remote desktop or logmein don't give me the ability to control the machine as I'm reintalling an entire OS, and same goes for getting onto bios.


A fully functioning RAS\ ILO lets you do all of the above.

So .... chuck your server as far out of the way as you can (connection to router permitting) and away you go.


Looking good .... and highly recommend one of these cards.

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