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Placing HDDs from ReadyNas into HP Microserver


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Hey all!


I am planning on just using the microserver now instead of using both.


My issue is though, they are currently RAID (one backup to other) but can I just remove them and plug them into Microserver or will there be a problem?


Thanks in advance.

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Are you planning to be able to access the data off the drives after you put them into the Microserver?  What OS are you planning to run on the Microserver?  It looks like the drives are probably formatted to EXT3 in the ReadyNAS so you would not be able to read from them directly (I don't think) if you use a Windows OS on the Microserver.


You could just pop a drive in the server and then copy from the ReadyNAS your data.  Once the data is moved then you could re-use the drives in the Microserver by re-formatting them.

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