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RocketRaid 2680 Expansion


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I currently have RAID 5, 6x 3TB drives in this beast...and I have physical room to go ahead and max out this array with 2 more drives. 


I am about at 65% of space for the array...


I watched the pcdoc's video and see that it's pretty easy to expand the current array but I just want to confirm some things before I get started.


My questions are.

  1. Can I add 2 drives to the array at once?  Is it better (safer, faster) to do 1 at a time?
  2. How long should the rebuild take for 1 drive...what about 2?
  3. How safe is this?  I know all about backing up, etc but what is the general consensus about doing this and getting everything completed and reatining your data?
  4. Any gotchas in this process besides making sure your drives aren't faulty?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Yes but it may be faster one drive at a time.
  2. Not sure
  3. I have never seen or heard of it failing but I would still say there is some risk.
  4. None I can think of.
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1.  Should not be an issue adding more than one drive.

2.  If you set the build priority to the highest, it will take about 8-10 hours.  I do not believe the difference between 1 or 2 will be significant as the re-build time is equivatlent to the initial build so it should only be about 20% longer.

3. I have had no issues .with it and have done a couple of videos on the topic (see my blog in the signature).

4. No real gotchas except to review the RAID expansion process before you start.  Should be fairly straightforward.

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