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Windows 8 slower- Centrino laptop


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Just wanted to share my experience with installing Win 8 64bit Pro on a Dell E6500 laptop.


Win 7 ran faster compared to win 8.

The windows experience index for the CPU was at 2.4 when win 8 got installed.

Found a article that suggested to turn off speedstep in the bios. http://blog.tmcnet.com/blog/tom-keating/microsoft/windows-8-cpu-slow-benchmarks.asp


After turning it off, the CPU index jumped to 3.6... 50% increase.


The other pc's at home are all i5/7 and they worked fine.

It might be a problem with the older cpu's and win 8 not applying the correct cpu multiplier.


By turning speedstep off, does that mean the CPU is always running at "full speed".

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I believe you hit it on the head: SpeedStep allows the CPU to step down when there is less demand. It can increase battery life on laptops and other mobile devices.

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