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Adding Remote Libraries (Network) to Audio & Video App?


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I think there is going to be no work around but i thought i would try anyways. I followed Paul Thurrott's aritcle:



on how to add your network paths to the library function in windows 8 which worked just fine. According to his article if the machine hosting the network share is Win 8 or Server 2012 the music/video app should automatically pick up the shared. I think he meant to say "Server 2012 Essentials" because im using Sever 2012 Standard and it doesn't work. Though my remote folders are showing up in my libraries they aren't showing up in audio/video app. I seen a workaround also using homegroups but server 2012, of course, doesn't include homegroups. I can't believe microsoft hasn't added the ability to add network folders to your library but they haven't. I understand why they can't do removable drives. Anyways is anyone aware of a workaround?




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Yes you can add Network Folders to your library and even make them the only source in the library.  As long as the folder are able to be indexed, you can do it.

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^^ What he said.


Now, having said that, it can be a real PITA to try to get the Library to recognize that the shared folder actually is indexed. I have had experiences where I absolutely know the shared folder is indexed but the Windows Libraries just refused to see it. Nevertheless, it IS supposed to work, and mostly does.

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