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n54l - Cpu Too Hot? + File Corruption


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Hi all,


I've had my n54l and i'm having some problems with it.


First - is around 55c cpu idle (coretemp - bios reports a bit more) normal for this cpu?


Second - i'm getting corruption in files, eg when i copy from one hdd to another,  heaps of files will have the wrong crc.


or even when i have downloaded something to my ssd and the downloader has done a hash check on the files and said there ok when it finished,  when i try to extract them with winrar or whatever i get some files corrupted.


I have checked my hdd smarts and one of the drives - wd red is reporting ultra dma errors warnings.


The ssd and my two seagates drives look fine


i even got an error i have never seen before, something like "Recycle Bin is corrupted delete it" that was also on the wd red.



mods - ram upgrade - confirmed working dimms by another user

          - bios mod from here


os - server 2012


could this all be related to wrong amd drivers?


thanks in advance :)

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How much ram and specifically which brand / part number.


I believe some others have reported a few red drives with problems.

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I agree with cskenny, it sounds like you've got a bum Red drive,. I had 1 of those. SpinRite rejected it right off. I RMA'd it. The replacement is working fine.


You could also have a bad cable. Before you RMA the Red, try swapping cables between one the Seagate drives and the Red.


FYI, I always test my drives before I put them into service, brand new or not. At the prices they sell for today, there is only so much testing they can do at the factory - don't trust drives to be good out of the box. I use SpinRite to test mine, which I believe is more thorough but does take longer. You could opt to run some other drive tester(s).

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I tested my ram in win, and within abou a sec, it comes up with errors saying it can't store data in ram. so i think this explains a lot.


but would this also affect the ultra ata errors in the smart log? would the hdd log it because of bad ram?


also came someone please tell what what sort of temps your cpu is getting?


ikon i used to always use spinrite or some other similar tools but i got a bit lazy over the last few years especially with the hdd sizes. but yeah i agree it's well worth it

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First things first. Let's get working RAM into the system. Can you test that RAM in another system, to be sure it's not the RAM controller?


After there's good RAM in the system, then deal with the drive - it may well be good, but I still recommend testing it before putting it into production.

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