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whs 2011 working with new laptop win 8 standard backup an issue

lost & found bits

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hoping for help with a new machine , whs 2011 backup works fine on all win 7 machines but not on the new win 8 laptop. I have run window updates on the server and no new updates are available dated 25/2/13 . New connector has been installed on all machines including the win 8 from the server not from the win store. Problem is the backup starts on the win 8 machine from whs 2011 but stops at 1% ( win 8 machine only) . Does anyone  know if there is a problem win 8 and whs 2011 combination



tried to backup win 8 machine locally with a usb 3 drive through win 8 using win 7 backup restore utility build in. If you select auto all partitions are selected including system iso with the result of the program spits the dummy on a 1 tb drive (too small).

if you select  the c drive only will backup locally OK on 1 tb but I am worried is drive fails (have not tried this option on whs 2011 yet , C only), new laptop does not have recovery disks , the recovery paritation is on the drive itself including the cd key . If the drive fails I do not  know if the C image will be  enough


Problem is the backup starts on the win 8 machine from whs 2011 but stops at 1% ( no problem on win7 's)


  • Therefore is the 2tb limit on the whs2011 the issue with win 8 ,


  • I know server 2012 essential will help but the $400 plus price tag makes me concerned
  •  another option of a good nas enough with with the new win 8's


any sugestions welcome :blink:



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Dear Bits


a few questions

Is your client backup folder any where near 2TB?

Do you have mapped network drives as part of the backup routine?


Backing up a laptop with presumably little data on it should not be a stretch unless the client backup folder is full.

If this is the case, discard some backups and retry.


If backup is not full (as I suspect) the issue lies elsewhere. Search the forum, I am sure this issue has been discussed in the past

Edited by Renny
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Your new laptop is using UEFI and has drives formatted with GPT partitions, rather than the old MBR.


WHS 2011 cannot deal with backup/restore of client PCs using UEFI/GPT. It's stated in the release notes.


The WHS 2011 team are supposedly working on a fix for this (it's been fixed in WS2012E), but it's a long time coming...

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