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Theoretical question on Microserver IcyDock mod


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Hey guys,


At work, we retire hardware from clients from time to time, and if they don't want it, it's donated or doled out.  I just inherited a nice workstation from the Core 2 Quad era --and it has two 4th-gen WD `Raptor 80GB drives in it, the 2.5" type with the removable IcePak heatsink.  It got me thinking.


I've been tempted to get an IcyDock adapter like this one for my N40L now and again:




I'd love to be able to remove the IcePak adapters and shoehorn the Raptors into my server as a RAID 0 boot drive (since I'm backing up and have a hardware RAID controller, I'm okay with striping for performance).  However, three possible caveats:


1) `Raptor drives have a 15mm height, taller than notebook 2.5" drives.  Does anyone have an IcyDock here similar to this (or the 4-bay version that's similar) that could give me an idea of what kind of height drive will fit in the brackets?


2) `Raptors use both 5v and 12v power (unlike notebook drives, which just use 5v).  It looks like the IcyDock can do this (it uses Molex power plugs) but I'm not sure.  If nobody knows, I'd have to wing it; of course, that's also provided that caveat #1 can be taken care of.


3) Power and heat. Thhe IcePak heatsinks don't do a lot for the VR drives (they sell the drives without them for server mounting), so removing them won't make much of a difference.  Also, because they're 2.5" single-platter drives, they actually use less power than many 3.5" drives.  However, adding two more drives onto a full Microserver will be more of a load for both its fans and its power supply.


Thoughts, anyone?  Right now I'm just kicking it around.  I'd also have to get a MiniSAS-to-4-SATA cable for the second port on my Smart Array controller as well.  For anyone who asks "Why not go SSD?", etc., this isn't something I have/need to do.  It's about having a little fun, not what would be practical in a business-world production environment.



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I just finished my N40L and that is the IcyDock I used! I also use VR drives in the 4 bay version in other builds.

VR drives fit fine and I have had no issues with heat or power.

I have a pair of 250GB VR's mirrored on a HP Smart Array P410 (thanks to your guidance) and 4 2TB drives in the swappable bays.

These guys have great deals on VR drives if you need more;


I put a BluRay drive in the optical bay, I still rip movies on the server, these guys have good deals on slim optical drives;


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schoondoggy, No Permission ?? :ph34r:

Let me know if you can see them now.

I am new to posting pictures in posts here, what is the recommend process?

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Nice build Schoondoggy!  Please post more :)  Do you have any performance stats yet that you can post?


When a user is logged in they should be able to see your album -- at least I could.


If you want everyone to be able to see your pic's without logging in you could do something like http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2840-posting-pictures/


You can also "copy" pictures that have already been posted elsewhere in the Forums/Blog.

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Nice pics, Schoondoggy!


I found a decent price on the IcyDock, and I'm going to try it.  Ordered one, plus a slim DVD writer, and an SFF8087 cable.


My boot partition, coincidentally, is 160GB.  I'm hoping that I can clone my boot partition (or restore from my backup) to the RAID-0 array of the same size, and then convert my current RAID-5 to a single logical drive instead of two.  It's the best use of these two spare Raptors that I can think of.

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