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Q?...how to access a WHS backup file under another user account?


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Ok Guys..I may be having a seniors moment here ..so help me please!

My main "desk PC", upgraded MB, CPU, RAM, ...required new install of WINDOW 7, (old image would not boot).
So decided to install Win7 (64bit). Installed all ok.
Need to access some files on previous WHS backup file.
Can load the back-up ...as Z: drive....but most of the folders are locked out for access.

So I need to open these files under the old user account status ...so how can do??
Target file at the moment is the outlook mail store data files ....but I will need access to most of the folder in time to ensure I get most of my apps reloaded as they were before.

Hope this makes sense.

Desparate Phil. (gee... that sounds miserdable!! ;-) )

p.s. I don't want to rebuild old pc hardware and restore ...nightmare.!!!

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That was quite a hardware upgrade but I've heard that Windows 7 can deal with it. Diehard has mentioned that you can take a W7 image from another PC and blast it onto an entirely different computer, then run startup repair. A few reboots, perhaps, and you're done. Something like that.

Also - Maybe a dumb question, but did you actually try opening the folders with the lock symbols?

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Thanks for the reply dvn,

Yeah, but this is they way of the world when Intel brings out another pin config and chip set supporting newer RAM.
After posting, I read Diahard's notes .....interesting. The first thing I did was swap the gear over in the case and pressed that big ol' power button, with fingers crossed. Win7 said it needed to do a repair, so I let it go do it's thing .....but it came up after 15mins to say sorry it couldn't repair. Tried a reboot and same process all over again.
So, while it may have been something I did, but so far from my experience there is atleast one scenario where Win7 can not get 'over the hump'.

lol ..not a dumb Q? ..yeah tried to open some of them and yes..can get to some ...but not all.

..am currently tring to restore the old WHS backup over the current Win7-64 partition (yeah have backed it up already) ...but now having a battle with MB/NIC drivers ...the fun continues.

Note: old config had PC name "TheDesk", new config has PC name as "TheDesk64" ..I might try changing the PC name back to the old label and use the same userID account details.

..I love PC's

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..I love PC's

I think that about says it all. ;-)

Thanks for the feedback on the repair process.

Also, I'd be interested to hear from anyone else who has tried accessing these 'locked' folders in backup. After reading your initial post, I went into WHS console and opened up a couple backups of other PC's in the household. I was able to open every 'locked' folder I tried, even System Volume Information. My PC's Folder Options were set to default, so I set it to show hidden/system files/folders and still had no problems accessing these normally hidden things.

Can you give me a folder location - C:\Users\whatever... - that you were not able to access? I don't use Outlook, so don't give me that. I'm curious to see if there's any location I can't access.

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Yes this is surprising as I can open any folder I want. Did you try it with the administrator credentials?

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Me? I logged in via WHS console. I would have thought that a user would not have access to another's locked backup folders but this apparently is not the case.

If I RDP to WHS desktop and run WHS Console from there, it won't let me open a backup. The message says that you can only open a backup through WHS Console running on a home computer.

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I have always assumed the security was based on how you set up your users. For instance, I set myself up with access to all files on the server. Other users only have read or no access. So I assumed they wouldn't be able to access files in the backup that they don't have access to. So check your user settings in the console.

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One thing I had forgotten, since I had set WHS Console to remember the login password, is that the password is the Admin password for WHS. Anyways...

I logged in via WHS Console from my gf's computer. She, as a user, does not have permissions to view anything other than folder shares and her own personal files and folders. But I was able to open my PC's backup and navigate through supposedly locked folders. So this makes clear that logging in via console puts you in as Admin with full rights, no? Either way, it still doesn't answer manphil's access problem.

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Hi guys, thanks for the feedback discussion.

Doh! ...somedays, you just make life difficult for yourself and can not see out of the hole!! ...if you know what I mean!

Simple ...you guys were looking at the back-up files via the WHS console therefor ....you were viewing under the WHS admin user rights .....Doh! >>> can see all !!! <<<

So what was I doing different????

I was performing a restore on to the client PC so that you ended up with a new "drive letter" ..a virtual drive image of the backed-up PC on another PC. Obviously this way you just don't have a match with the account user rights on all of the files in this image.

So the message of the day is .....access the back-up files from with-in WHS console ..no problem!

But this is not how I solved my issue....

After much grinding of teeth and strange mutterings to self .....I realised that I had a enough gear sitting around to rebuild a bare bones look alike of the old PC.
Take foam mat out of Motherboard box, place on suitable flat bench space, place old MB on foam mat. Take old not used Seagate 80gig drive(what do you use 80G drives for these days??), place next to MB, take old 2x DVD burner (2x burner, what good is it???), place under HD, connect IDE cable (...remember those fat ones??), to MB and drives, take spare power supply and plug in to likely candidates ;-), scrummage through old boxes find AGP video card, plug in to MB. Plug in keyboard/mouse (you have all got spare of those ..I know!)

No case ..so how to start PC??? ...easy ...locate the motherboard pin set for the case connections..identify the power switch pair ....apply momentary contact between these pins with flat bladed screwdriver ......it's alive!!!!

Connect to network .....insert WHS recovery disk (doh! I didn't have the latest ..so downloaded from MS), do a restore of the old PC ....all is beautiful and right with the world once again ;-).

Now stare dumbfounded at old PC booted up ..for atleast 2 mins ;-)
..........opened Outlook ..exported .PST files...copied to WHS file space and download to the new PC.

...I love PC's

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Sorry Guys ..I may have got confused with my previous post.... when you say

I went into WHS console and opened up a couple backups of other PC's in the household. I was able to open every 'locked' folder I tried, even System Volume Information

...what did you actually do ..step by step ....just to ensure I don't mis-interpret ;-) ...is this different to what I did???


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