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New Fanless HTPC Build


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I'm looking at replacing my existing HTPC with a smaller fanless / noiseless htpc that I can leave on 24/7 and use very little power.


Here are the parts I have picked out so far:


Case / PS: Akasa Euler passively cooled thin-itx case.



Motherboard: Intel DH61AG thin-itx motherboard



CPU: Intel Pentium G630T



Ram:  Kingston Valueram 8Gb PC1600



Storage - OS: Intel 60Gb msata



Storage - Timeshift / TV Recording Western Digital 500Gb 2.5 AV-GP



I looked at several of the embedded atom and amd based barebones mini pc's, but after testing media center on an atom N2800, I was left unimpressed.. maybe it would be ok with something like xbmc, but playing 1080p mkv's with lossless audio from WCM / My Movies is just more than the atom could handle smoothly.


The G630T is a 35w TDP processor, so it should hopefully run passive without an issue, and yet is almost 4 times as powerful as the N2800 and a decent upgrade from the LGA775 e6500 that I'm using now.


All in all I'm looking at about $550 to build this not including the OS which I already have.. either Windows 7 or Windows 8, I haven't decided yet..I have an extra unused copy of both.


Thanks and I appreciate any opinions you guys may mave, including other options to go fanless.

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I'm interested to know what info you've found on whether that CPU can actually run without a fan?


I'm wondering if the drive is big enough; maybe a 1TB would be better?

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The picture on their website is the application I have been thinking about. This case has VESA mounting holes. Your configuration would make a nice Windows 8 PC mounted to the back of a touchscreen monitor, do it yourself AIO.

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