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N40L - SSD - Icy Dock - ODD - Etc

Arno Nel

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Hi All


First off, Im a complete Noob, and this is my first post, so go easy on me  ;)

Secondly, great site. Have subscribed as it looks a valuable resource.


I plan to use N40L as general home backup, media storage, plex server, etc


My questions:

  1. What is the easiest (no bios mods etc) way to get an SSD as my main drive, and then use Non SSD for storage?  (I DONT NEED A CD/DVD).
  2. Im thinking of getting a Samsung 840 SSD as the main drive. What other bits do I need to buy to support this configuration? eg cables
  3. Are there any idiot proof guides to show me how to install 1) above?
  4. Any suggestions for main non SSD storage drives? Dont need RAID, ill just pool all the drives. Probably just buy 2 to start with. I backup offsite/cloud already my important bits
  5. Are there any idiot proof guides to show me how to install 4) above?


Much appreciate anyone taking the time to respond. Will send you a virtual beer  :D 

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Welcome.....This is a great pots by John Stutsman (aka Joe_Miner) on everything concerning the N40L.  Skip over the BIOS Mod.  John attached the SSD in the ODD bay via a Sata cable to the onboard SATA port on the MOBO.  The only other thing you would need is a Molex connector for power.

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Thanks, but if I skip over the Bios section, not much left :) hehe


Was hoping someone would point me in the right direct for each of the 5 questions. Realise i may be asking alot, but thought id try out this community....

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I guess a case could be made for simply installing the SSD into the N40L's main drive cage. It would take up a main drive slot, but it would also be pretty easy: simply install the SSD into a 2.5"-to-3.5" adapter (many SSDs come with one), mount that into a 3.5"-to-5.25" adapter, insert the assembly into one of the N40L's drive caddies, and install that into the main drive cage. Sounds more than complicated than it is.


The 2nd drive would just install in one of the other main drive cage slots.


I'm not saying I recommend this, mostly because it takes up a slot for a non-data drive, which limits expandibility, but you asked for the 'easiest'. This way would not require any recabling or modding in order to fit a drive into a non-standard spot in the chassis.

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That would work if you want to mount it in the 5.25" ODD bay, but that's not what I call 'easy'. It won't work to mount the drive in one of the main drive cage slots, because you have to use the drive caddies in that cage.


BTW, I need to correct my earlier post. I made a serious error. You don't need the 3.5"-to-5.25" adapter. Simply install the 2.5" drive into a 2.5"-to-3.5" adapter, mount that into an N40L drive caddy, and install in the main drive cage. So, it's actually even easier than I said earlier

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