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Hello all and thanks for reading. Please keep in mind when I bought the following hardware I bought it on price alone and not specs. So my goals for my home computers are 1 shared family desktop (wife and two kids), 2 htpcs, 1 virtualization server, one "domain controller." At one time I had WHS v1 runnning and loved it. Hardware available: 2 amd fx-8120, 2 amd phenom II x4 840. Mobos: Asus M5A99fx pro R2.0, Asus M5A99X Evo, Gigabyte ga-890GPA-UD3H, Gigabyte GA-880GA-UD3H. I also have 2 gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P with core 2 duos and Nvidia GT 430 Video cards. My questions are:

1. Would you keep the amd stuff and build with it and what would you put where?

2. Would you dump all of the amd stuff and rebuy new intel? Recommendations for htpcs's, desktop, and virt server?

3. Would you dump some and/or keep some and if so what and where would you put it.

I hav eno problem rebuying the hardware to get what I need. I realize this is a lot of questions to ask and really not an easy one to answer. I also have learned to pay more attention to hardware specs. Thanks for any and all responses.


BTW, I  have plenty of ram to go around so I should be ok there. It would be really simple board and proc swaps. I have also thought about just using ws2012e for serving media, and backups etc eithre in the virt server or as a stand alone machine.

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Questions for you...

  • Whats the Virtualization server for?
  • What Hypervisor are you using?
  • Whats the family desktop requirements? web/office? Gaming?
  • What O/Ss do you have already?
  • Budget?


Based on what you provided so far.

VM Server:


Virtualize the following: domain controller







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Thanks for the reply.  Answers to you questions. Currently I am a student.

1. I am going to use the virt server for the domain controller/media server/ testing new OS for school

2. I would to use either hyper-v or ESXi preferrably hyper-v per your previous suggestions on another post.

3. The family desktop is nothing spectacular: web/office. None of us are much of a gamer.

4. I can have access to win7/win8/ws2012e/ws2012 standard via school license and of course the free hyper-v server 2012.

5. Im open to budget and I am planning to phase the amd boards and procs over time. I just didnt know If I should do it all at once or over time.


Please keep in mind these purchases were made before I got into tech end of school and really didnt understand tech specs.

Is I had to choose I would dump the server board and proc first and buy new I believe

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I also forgot to mention that I have the hp n40l as well. I am still in the 30 day so I can send that back if not needed. I own 2 win 7 pro licenses.

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