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Update Issue from 12 Febraury


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I don't know if anyone else saw this issue, but one of the DotNet updates may break the Dashboard until you reboot a second time.  I only found this when I tried to remote access the console to download a TV show.


I kept getting a "Wrong Password" error so I remoted in thru LogMeIn and saw that all user accounts as well as computer accounts were not showing.  Panic set in as this would be a hard fix from Kabul, AFG.  This was resolved by a second reboot and then all the missing items were then visible in the console.  The reason I think this is a DotNet issue is that I checked the Computer Management console prior to the reboot and all the missing items from the console (user accounts) were still there.


Hope this helps someone else.

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Isn't it standard practice to reboot twice sorry, thrice with .NET updates???  Lord knows I do. Every time. Because of S**T like this.... :)

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