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Replacing D: Partition with a Drive.


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I have a HP Microserver with WHS 2011 installed on the 250GB hard drive sitting in the optical bay. The other 4 bays are filled with 3TB drives. I have set those up in a RAID 5 which gives me one 9TB drive (E:) in windows. When I installed WHS 2011, the 250GB was partitioned into 3 partitions. A system partitions C: & D:. The SharedServer folders seem to be stored on the D: partition. My question is, Can I just copy all the files & folders from D: to my new E: drive and then re-assign E: to D:? I could then delete the old D: and expand the windows C: partition.


Basically, I want to end up with one drive for WHS 2011 and 1 for all the shared storage.


I have tried to search for an answer to this question but I have not been able to come up with anything.



Thanks for reading!

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Instead of that, i recommend you go to the DashBoard, then click on Server Folders and Hard Drives, then right-click on each of the listed shares and select Move the Folder. Change the listed location to E: drive and you're good to go. Ignore the D: drive; it's better to have the OS on a drive separate from the data.

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