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external 4 drive Enclosure - How to get WHS to see all 4 drives on Installation/Reinstallation?


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My old WHS v1 never recognized my External 4 Drive enclosure (Sans Digital 4 Drive attached via a Port Multiplier card) - so doing a server Re-installation left me rebuilding all the shares by re-copying all the data.


When I boot up to install WHS 2011 on my N40L, the window where you select the drive to install on "sees" my primary drive and the first drive in the enclosure (only) - so better off than WHS v1 - but since the OS isn't running yet (IE: I haven't installed the AMD drivers to activate the Port Multiplier Functionality) - the other drives are NOT SEEN yet.


My guess is that in the situation of a SERVER RE-Installation - WHS 2011 won't know those drives exist - correct? So I will I be in the same bad place as before when it comes to having to manually add back all my data. IE: if WHS can't see the other drives in the external enclosure until the DRIVERS are loaded - which won't be until the OS is up and running - then it won't be able to rebuild the data Pool.


Not seeing the other drives is not an issue for the initial install but will be later - correct?


I tried load those drivers via USB (clicking the Load Drivers button on the install) and but nothing changes in the Drive list - just the same 2 drives. I tried clicking BACK and then selected New Install again - still only 2 drives seen.


I tried Googling how to SlipStream those drives into the WHS 2011 install - but can't locate anything specific to that. I'm not sure that would help though as specifying where they are during the install didn't do anything either.




And here's another wrinkle - if I'm ultimately using DrivePool and all my data is stored using that add-in - how does WHS 2011 handle all the data on a Server Re-installation? I went Googling but no specific threads found yet.


As always, thanks to all.

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As I indicated in your other post on this topic, I don't think you will have an issue with loading the drivers after WHS2011 is installed. In fact, I would install WHS2011 with only 1 drive visible, then add the enclosure, and its driver, after WHS2011 is running. My suspicion is that installing the driver will suddenly make the enclosure, and its data, available. Nevertheless, I would ensure I had a complete backup of the data before attempting this.


Regarding DrivePool, I can think of a few scenarios that might happen. Since DrivePool won't be installed when you first install WHS2011, obviously any DrivePool volumes won't be visible. One scenario would be that installing DrivePool will makes any DrivePool volume(s) visible. A second scenario would be that it's simply a matter of recreating the DrivePool volume(s) after installing DrivePool. And finally, none of it works and you have to copy all the data from a backup.

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I'll admit I haven't had a chance to dive into DrivePool (no pun intended) - but I'm guessing it might be like Storage Spaces that way - IE: hook up the drives and the pool becomes "visible" to the add-in. I would guess that it would have to work that way for DrivePool to be a viable solution if a Server Re-Installation is ever required given WHS would never be able to see its data pool. I'll do some reading on that...but will at least push forward with the install.


And on your install comment - yes, typically would install with only one drive attached but as with the WHS v1 Server Reinstallation - if you did that you'd have to manually copy over into your new Data pool - all your data. Not fun with 12 TB of data. Although that's where I learned about RoboCopy ;-)

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Yes, that was the case with WHSv1, but it's different with WHS2011, because it doesn't have Drive Extender. It's one of the biggest advantages of WHS2011 IMHO: WHSv1 had no viable way to back up and recover the server OS; WHS2011 does.

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Once drivepool is re-installed it will see the pool. WHS2011 will not see the shares right off in the pool but the data is there and it's easy to fix.


see how I did it when I did a rebuild http://homeserversho...011/#entry50819


Thanks Joe_Miner; I was hoping you would drop by :)



I'm glad you guys both drop by a lot... Just did some reading. Also found a cool guide to moving data from old WHS v1 (DE) drives into the DrivePool:




If I understand this correctly, adding drives to the pool is non destructive so potentially I can move the date from the DE folders to the corresponding DrivePool equivalent - intra-drive - so a quick and speedy process vs copying from each old DE drive to the new pool. I hope I understand that correctly. Thanks again guys.

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