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Reinstall Windows 8 on a different PC?


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I installed the upgrade version of Windows 8 on my N40L microserver - and have now decided I'm going to go with WHS 2011 instead. So wondering what will happen when I go to upgrade the OS on my Laptop with the same product Key? I'm thinking it won't activate automatically - so I may have to call MS and explain to them what happened?


I just want to make sure I don't need to copy anything from the Windows 8 machine to use to do the install. Anybody know what will happen? I don't know how MS controls this - obviously the N40L will no longer be phoning back home to MS for updates etc.


Any ideas? Or any links would be appreciated.



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You can install it on the lappy and try to activate. If it doesn't work, call MS as you said and explain that it didn't work well on the first computer you tried, so you're trying it on another.

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