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Extremely Slow Initial Backup


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I have started the initial back up of my Client PC to my WHS 2011 using the dashboard. It is currently sitting at 27% and it's been running for about 36 hours. I've heard that the initial backup takes longer, but am wondering if this is correct or if something is wrong. Below is some information about what is being backed up and what's in both machines.

Client PC -

128 GB SSD Boot Drive, about 70 GB full.

2 TB Data Drive, 1.5 TB full

2 TB Backup Drive (Not included in Backup, just a local backup of Boot Drive)

100 MB System Partition (Included in Backup)

Server -

Client Backups pointed to 6 TB Raid 5 Array (4 2 TB Drives)

Using a Norco 4220 case so the SAS backplane is plugged in to a Supermicro SAS-LPMV8

This is over a 1Gbit network LAN connection and I don't feel it is the connection or the hardware as I have transferred large amounts of data directly over the network with decent speeds, several hundred GB in a few hours. I've all ready checked all the IDE drivers in Device Manager on both computers and none of them are in PIO mode, which I read elsewhere.

As a small update to the above, It's now been a little extra time, just over 48 hours on the backup, and we are at 37%. There's no way this is right but it keeps going up and I have no issue letting it go and doing it's thing. I'm looking at right around a week for an initial backup???

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Thank you for your reply. I have not calculated it out specifically, I was actually looking for a place where I could see what type of transfer rate is going on while I'm using the WHS backup utility. I don't have the calculations handy but I was able to transfer about 150 GB from the server to my pc in just under an hour. A smiliar transfer rate worked going the other way as well, pc to server. That's what has me puzzled. The only error I've gotten on my server in all of this time was that the Client Backup Clean Up Utility couldn't run, which I'm assuming is because there aren't any backups completed as of yet. Both the server and the PC have fresh installs, with a handful of programs reinstalled on the PC.

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150GB/hr is about 40MB/sec, which is not awful, but it's nothing to write home about either. Still, it's a lot faster than your backup is going.

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Agreed. My backup has to be running at 1 maybe 2 MB/sec, tops, probably not even? Any help would be greatly appreciated, my current options are to look elsewhere, and I'm not that excited about trying Linux.

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Do you only have the 1 client PC to back up? If you have others, I would try one of them. It might be something with that client.


Which reminds me, have you run CHKDSK on the client PC's HDD?


Also, you might want to uninstall the apps you have installed on the client PC, or maybe even do a fresh install with no apps. FYI, after I do a fresh install of a client OS, one of the first things I do is connect it to WHS and do a backup. This kinda tests the whole arrangement.

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This is my only client PC. I haven't run chkdsk yet as I was waiting to see how this backup worked out, no matter how slow it was going. I just did a fresh install a couple days ago and would like to avoid doing it again, but if I had to I suppose I could. Should I run a chkdsk on all internal drives? I have Windows SMART installed and it isn't finding bad sectors or any errors on any of the disks.

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Quick update, I ran chkdsk on the drives on my PC after cancelling the backup. They completed and found no errors. I also deleted the Client Backup folder on my server and remade it, to try to start fresh and get rid of the half backup that wasn't completed. When I restarted the backup, it still seems to be running as slow. Any other ideas besides a fresh install of both?

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I will start trying that when I get home from work. May just do a clean install of the pc again since I did one the other day and see what happens. Also, I ordered a RocketRaid card based on advice in other threads. I am not convinced there is a bottleneck with my current SAS extender and the software Raid 5, but it just seemed like a good practice to have a hardware solution and it may help the read/write rates. I ran a test last night and don't believe I posted but 45 mb/sec is the most I can get with a direct transfer of files from the pc to the server, generally it is 30-35 mb/sec. Thanks again for your continued help.


Final thought that I had is I have my documents, music, and photo libraries all pointed to the F: drive in my PC and not on my C: drive, is it possible that the backup is backing these up twice when I select both the C: and F: drives in setting up the WHS backup?


Also, as just a general rule, do you backup the 100 mb system partition? I have seen some recommend it and some outwright say no.

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